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Homage Series Vol. 1: Sun Ra (2009)

Album av When


1 The Angel Speaks: Kingdom of Not, Rocker Number Nine, The Order of the Pharaonic Jesters, Otherness Blue, We Travel the 03:47
2 Spacebound: I'll Wait for You, Space I'll Wait for You, Hector, Lanquidity, Twin Stars of Tehnce, A Joyful Noise 03:18
3 Venus: Rocket Number Nine 02:03
4 The Cosmic Ray: The Bridge, Daddy's Gonna Tell You No Lie, Great Balls of Fire, Interplanetary Music, Journey to Saturn, 02:36
5 (Talkin' About) Nuclear War: Friendly Love 1, Crystal Spears, No Sleep, Nuclear War, The Eternal Sphynx, The Mystery of 03:28
6 Celestial Travels: Celestial Road, Spaceship Lullaby, That's How I Feel, Twin Stars 02:56
7 Disco 2009: Disco 2100, A Joyful Noise, Friendly Love 1, Pathways to Unknown Worlds 03:59
8 Black Sky and Cosmic Rays: Wooden Soldier, Black Sky and Blue Moon, 3rd Class UC Berkeley May 4, 1971 03:19
9 China Gate Revisited: China Gat, Early Open, A Joyful Noise 04:29
10 In This New Space Age: Mu, Atlantis 02:53
11 History Is History: Discipline, Tall Trees in the Sun, A Joyful Noise, Love in Outer Space 04:41


Jester Records TRICK 044 CD 2009