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Featuring (2016)

Album av Hanne Sørvaag


1 Your heart stopped talking (feat. Knut Reiersrud)
2 Why I mess it up (feat. Amund Maarud)
3 På denne tiå her i fjor (feat. Ole Alexander Mæland)
4 Better Man (feat. Tobias Stenkjær)
5 Hjertekammer (feat. Wenche Myhre)
6 The bad one's the best one (feat. Peter Howarth
7 Timing is everything (feat. Claudia Scott)
8 How did we get here (feat. Shaun Bartlett)
9 Anything about June again (feat. Unni Wilhelmsen)
10 Temporary Days (feat. Magnus Carlson)


Grappa GRCD4499 CD Norge 2016